Pro Cam Lube Lubricants; 4 oz. Bottle

  • Break In Lubricant
  • Spread On Lobes Of Cam
  • Spread Bottom Of Lifters
  • Spread Distributor Gear
  • Instant Protection
  • Guard Against Premature Wear
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Initial start-up is the most critical time in the life of any camshaft. COMP Cams(R) Cam & Lifter Installation Lube is the best protective break-in lubricant on the market. Cam & Lifter Installation Lube must be spread generously on all lobes of the cam, on the bottoms of the lifters and on the distributor gear when installing a cam. Cam & Lifter Installation Lube from COMP Cams(R) provides the instant protection you need to guard against any premature wear. Protects internal engine components Protected valve train parts include: camshaft, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms, pushrods and distributor gear Contain high viscosity extreme pressure additives not found in today's conventional oils and lubricants Compatible with all petroleum, synthetic and blended engine oils

COMP Cams manufactures truly superior hydraulic and solid flat tappet, hyd and mechanical roller, and overhead camshafts for everything from OE replacement to full race, designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology and the finest engineering in the industry. Whether your engine is naturally aspirated, or you run nitrous, or a supercharger or turbo, our cams make more horsepower than any other. Looking for that ultimate hard-hitting muscle car idle? Check out our aggressive new Thumpr Cams. Match our camshafts up with our competition-grade lifters, valve springs, timing sets, and other supporting components, and you'll experience the ultimate in race-winning reliability!

  • Competition Cams152Pro Cam Lube Lubricants; 4 oz. Bottle;
  • 152
  • COMP Cams
Size3 to 4 Ounces
Dimensions1.7 x 1.7 x 5.2 inches

Competition Cams 152 Pro Cam Lube Lubricants; 4 oz. Bottle;


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