Engine Break-In Oil Additive; 12 Ounce Bottles; Case Of 12
  • Improve Surface Mating Of Rotating Assembly, Rod Journals, Piston Rings, Valve Guides, Cam And Lifters, Etc.
  • Protect All Internal Engine Components, Including Flat Tappet And Roller Valve Trains
  • Proprietary Additive Package Includes Optimum Amounts Of ZDDP (Zinc And Phosphorous), Molybdenum And Detergents
  • Require No Additives Or Supplements For Maximum Protection
  • Fully Compatible With Gasoline, Methanol And High Octane Race Fuel
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions11 x 8 x 9 inches

Competition Cams 159-12 Engine Break-In Oil Additive

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