Compatible with both Single and Double-Headlight Versions of the N Scale Zephyr Set.
No lettering was on the 4th cars in the orginal train when in service.
The Pioneer Zephyr proved immensely popular with the public, and the Burlington immediately ordered an additional coach car built for the Zephyr. The first add on car was #500 which ran only for a short time and was later destroyed in an accident in Texas.
The 2nd 4th Car was number 525 (the one we modeled) was built in June of 1938 and was a buffet-coach car, with passenger seating for an additional 40 passengers as well as a small kitchen and pantry area.
This car ran for many years with the Pioneer Zephyr consist and is the one usually found in photos of the Zephyr in later year.
If you desire a longer train, nothing is stopping you from ordering 2 or more extra cars and adding them to the basic 3 car set. Some of the other Zephyr train sets had much longer consists anyway.
  • For use with your N Scale layout.
Age Range14
SizeFor use with your N Scale layout.

Con-Cor - 4th N Zephyr Car, Painted Silver, no lettering


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