Recording information: Motor Studios, San Francisco, CA; Orange Whip Studios, Santa Barbara, CA; Playback Studios, Santa Barbara, CA.
Photographers: Sandra Steh; Mad Caddies.
From the opening admission in the liner notes about feeling strange putting together a "greatest-hits" compilation despite never actually having a hit, Mad Caddies demonstrate the humor and charm that have helped them to be one of the most enduring bands of the third-wave ska movement. With this in mind, the Caddies have put together what's best described as a primer for the genre-hopping ska band, pulling together a selection of tracks to give new listeners a taste of the many hats the band has worn over the years. There's the hyper-caffeinated bouce of the Dixieland-influenced "Monkeys," the drunken maritime shanty "Weird Beard," the polka-punk jam "All American Badass," as well as more straightforward reggae of "Backyard." For old fans, the band has included a bit of a fan service by way of an unreleased outtake of "Save Us" and the track "Why Must I Wait" from the upcoming album. The band has also included a blurb about every song on the compilation giving listeners a bit of insight into what was going on at the times the songs were written. Two tracks unreleased tracks and some liner notes probably won't be enough to draw in longtime fans, but anyone looking to see what this band is all about couldn't ask for a better jumping-on point than Consentual Selections. ~ Gregory Heaney
  • Artist: MAD CADDIES
  • genre: Popular Music
  • product type: Compact Disc
  • Release Date: 20-JUL-2010
  • Returns Accepted?: Yes
GenrePopular Music
Publication Date20100720
Publisher ImprintRelativity Entertainment

Consentual Selections

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