About Paragon Brevity and industriousness are classic Midwestern traits, and for 45 years, Paragon has lived up to their name with a simple motto, ''Don't be the largest, be the best.'' Based in Iowa, this family-owned manufacturer specializes in creating and distributing the finest concession equipment on the market. Focusing on quality workmanship and employing the latest technology, they were the first to introduce the 4-ounce popcorn popper. They focused on being the best and not the largest, but that attitude has grown them to one of the largest concession manufacturers around, distributing a full line of products that include sno-cone equipment, cotton candy machines and their full line of classic popcorn poppers to 43 countries. (PARG074-1)
  • 1-gal. canola popcorn oil
  • Low saturated fat, high monounsaturated oil content and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids
  • Canola boasts one of the lowest ratios of saturated to unsaturated fat
  • Ingredients: partially hydrogenated canola oil, beta carotene for color and butter for flavor
ColorAs Shown
Weight9 lbs.
Dimensions13 x 11 x 9 inches

Country Harvest Canola Popcorn Popping Oil

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