Highlights: Size: 3.3 oz Color: White Turn the dial on the Select-A-Bead actuator to select the best bead width for your project Also ideal for lubricating plastic and rubber Patented finger-actuated delivery system for smooth, continuous coverage Remove with petroleum distillates and chlorinated solvents Suggested applications: electrical connections, circuit breakers, contacts, spark plug boots, trailer connectors, HEI distributor, battery terminals, contacts, lubrication of plastic, rubber parts and o-rings Bottle
  • A Unique, Non-Curing Compound Used For Sealing, Protecting And Electrical Insulating,Improves Electrical Performance By Reducing Arcing And Voltage Drop,Ideal For Lubricating Plastic And Rubber,Improves Electrical Performance In Adverse Weather Cond
  • 5113
  • CRC



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