Temperature is vital to an aquarium fish's wellbeing. If the water is too hot, you'll cook them. Too col, and you've got sashimi. Make sure your gilled friends are swimming in the right temperature of water with the Zoo Med Digital Aquarium Thermometer, which is fully submersible and features a digital readout. It's safe for salt water or freshwater aquariums, and comes with a replacement battery. About Zoo Medical LabratoriesZoo Med is the number one company for reptile products worldwide. They introduced the first American reptile vitamin in 1982 and today hold 8 reptile product patents and 9 aquatic product patents in the USA and internationally with more pending. Zoo Med invented UVB lighting for reptiles, back in 1993 and which since has become the standard worldwide for Zoos, Veterinarians and the reptile hobbyist. A wide variety of products make up the Zoo Med family including quality products for reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. (BCL457-1)
  • Made of plastic which is fully submersible
  • Digital readout faces forward in the tank
  • Suction cup secures the thermometer to the glass
  • Safe for fresh or salt water aquariums
  • Replacement battery included
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions4 x 1 x 4 inches


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