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DOG CALM a Relaxing Non-Medication Supplement Quiets Anxiety and Aids Restfulness. Natural Herbs Reduce Stress, Fears of Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Travel. Calms Hyper & Nervous Behavior.

Can't Seem to Calm Down Your Dog? Don't Want Your Dog Hooked in Drugs? Try New Dog Calm Instead... Dogs can suffer terribly from anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, emotional disorders, and metabolic complications. They get frenzied, edgy, agitated, fearful, overly excited and their destructive and stressful behavior leaves you with few options. This causes your beloved companion to drain your patience. You don't want to turn them into zombies. Nor do you want to re-home them. Is There Anything That Can Be Done? Yes! Try New DOG CALM. This Natural Supplement is effective for thunderstorms, fireworks, excessive barking, travel sickness, fearfulness and anxiety. It contains herbs and amino acids to safely bring your dog to a natural state of calmness and relaxation. No side effects... your dog is not groggy or sleepy. Say good-bye to incessant scratching, barking, biting, urine marking and other stress related behaviors. Purchase RISK-FREE with Confidence that you'll love our product. If you're not completely satisfied, simply request a FULL REFUND. Our customers are always our top priority. Be able to enjoy your dog again! CLICK the ORANGE BUTTON at the TOP of the page and get your DOG CALM now!Copyright © Vets Pride USA 2015

Product Features

  • DOG CALM herbal formulation can be just what the doctor ordered, especially if you have a dog suffering from continuous bouts of anxiety. Its especially helpful when the source is out of your control like thunderstorms or fireworks. The ingredients work together synergistly to help your dogs keep calm. Heres why youll love DOG CALM
  • Chamomile is a natural herb that has muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects. Passion Flower is especially useful for separation anxiety and aggression brought on by fear. Its also helpful for jitteriness, muscle twitching, and hypersensitivity to touch.
  • With adequate Thiamine levels your dog will experience less mental confusion, nervousness and muscle weakness. Ginger especially relieves motion sickness, nausea, and digestive upsets which are often experienced during travel.
  • L-Tryptophan is an amino acid and ideal for dogs because it is quickly well-absorbed by the brain, where it helps release serotonin the feel good hormone. Serotonin acts to increase relaxation, reduce impulsivity and aggression, increases stress resistance and stabilize mood.
  • Thats why youll love DOG CALM. Its natural formulation can be just what the doctor ordered.

    DOG CALM a Relaxing Non-Medication Supplement Quiets Anxiety and Aids Restfulness. Natural Herbs Reduce Stress Fears of Fireworks Thunderstorms & Travel. Calms Hyper & Nervous Behavior.

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