This DOT-01 Package includes:
1x DOT-01 Brand Replacement 600mAH Olympus LI-50B External Dual Slot USB Charger
- Charge Two Batteries at Once via USB
3 Year DOT-01 Battery Charger Warranty
1x SDHC/MicroSD USB Card Reader/Writer
1x 8-Slot SDHC Memory Card Case
1x Blower Brush
1x Soft Lens and Screen Fiber Cloth
1x Lens Cleaning Fluid
1x Lens Cleaning Tissue
5x Cotton Swabs
This DOT-01 Package was made to compliment the Olympus SZ-16 Digital Camera
More about DOT-01 Products:
DOT-01 products are made with you in mind. We have done our best to make a
reliable and an affordable product for both the beginner and professional
photographer alike. Whether you are heading out on an expedition to the West
Indies or beginning a new chapter of your life at home, DOT-01 is behind you with the power you need to catch every moment.
We support you and your new batteries for FIVE full years after your purchase
date. If you want to drop a compliment our way, or if you have a comment for us,
we are available five days a week for you.
Please Note:
If you are planning a trip somewhere extra COLD or HOT (Dog sledding in the arctic circle, cycling down an active volcano, or whatever
you are into these days) Lithium Ion batteries have a much shorter lifespan in extreme weather, so
please, plan accordingly!
  • 100% COMPATIBLE with the original Olympus LI-50B battery and charger and Olympus Stylus 1010, 1030 SW, Stylus 9000, Tough 6000, Tough 6020, Tough 8000, Tough 8010, TG-610, TG-810, SP-800UZ, SP-810UZ, SZ-12, SZ-20, VR-340, VR-350, XZ-1, Stylus 1020, Stylus 9010, Stylus Tough 6010, SZ-10, SZ30MR, TG-820, SZ-31MR, TG-630, TG-830, SZ-16, SZ-15, TG-850, VR-360, VR-370, TG-860
  • HALF THE CHARGING TIME with DOUBLE THE CHARGING SLOTS - Charge two batteries simultaneously with our new dual slot USB Olympus LI50B charger
  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY included with our Olympus LI-50B charger bundle
  • BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK compared to the original manufacturer equipment or other high priced generic brands such as Wasabi Power, Photive, Vivitar, STK, or BM
  • HALF THE CHARGING TIME with DOUBLE THE CHARGING SLOTS - Charge two batteries simultaneously with our new dual slot USB Sony BX1 charger

DOT-01 Replacement Dual Slot USB Charger for Olympus LI-50B and Olympus SZ-16 Digital Camera and Olympus LI50B Accessory Bundle with BONUS Lens Blower Brush Cleaning Kit and Hard Memory Card Case


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