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The David Bindman Ensemble Sunset Park Polyphony double CD release March 1 Musicians: David Bindman, composer/tenor and soprano saxophones, Wes Brown, contrabass, royal hartigan, drums, Art Hirahara, piano, Frank London, trumpet and flugelhorn, Reut Regev, trombone, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon Rosenberg at Systems Two, Brooklyn NY On March 1, 2012, saxophonist/composer David Bindman unveils his double CD Sunset Park Polyphony, a narrative collection of his original compositions performed by a six-member ensemble. The album's songs and extended compositions explore layers of rhythmic and harmonic complexity and adapt elements from world music traditions, including West African rhythms and Indian raga (modes) and tala (time cycles). Bindman writes of the polyphony in the album/song title, improvisational voices, and compositional forms:"In Sunset Park, Brooklyn one hears a polyphony of multiple languages, children playing, airplanes, traffic, music, and birds singing. I composed most of the music on this recording after moving to the Sunset Park neighborhood in 2006. The sounds are inspired by dreams and images of life and were only quantified during the notation process. In this music we offer paths to wander, to dance, to follow threads of imagination..." Among the rhythmic features, two compositions integrate reductions, derived from ancient Indian tirripugar tala, in which time cycles reflect poetic phrasing, here getting progressively faster over a given framework in asymmetrical groupings of beats. Through this and other adaptations to jazz/contemporary music, and the musical interactions that develop, the ensemble offers expanded ways of playing over time. The Sunset image on the CD cover, by Laura Lambie Wallace, has many layers of color that mirror the underlying layers in the music. Shape One opens the album with a theme and harmonic progression in a fast 15 beat cycle Long Line Home is a meditation on memory, loss, and place the title track Sunset Park Polyphony explores multiple speeds of sev
  • David Bindman Ensemble - Sunset Park Polyphony [CD]

Sunset Park Polyphony [cd]

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