The “world’s first toothbrush in a bottle.” Eliminates plaque, tartar and odor causing organisms. Oral health and hygiene are as important for your pet as they are for you. Because pets don’t brush their teeth, they need regular dental cleanings from their veterinarian. Between visits, pets should be given Dental Fresh® every day. “This product is a confirmed winner. It’s proven to help clean and whiten teeth, protect gums, and improve oral health. Every dog and cat in America should have Dental Fresh® in its water bowl – every day.” We’re learning that for pets, just like humans, good oral hygiene has a huge impact on overall health and longevity. That’s why daily use is so important and beneficial.
  • Proven effective in protecting teeth and gums as well as restoring fresh breath
  • Stabalized, safe, and powerful ClO2 kills the bacteria that causes bad breath and gingivitis
  • Reduces the frequency of professional cleanings, making them quicker and easier when necessary.
Dimensions4 x 2 x 8 inches

Dental Fresh Original Formula For Dogs, 17 Oz

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