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An ocean of fascinating wonder right under your nose! The 12 Gallon Uniquarium Flat-Back Hexagon Aquarium is a complete, self-contained jewel, compact enough for a desktop or table, big enough to captivate your imagination and bring some healing ''chi'' to your environment. Hexagon design provides better viewing angles, and flat back lets it sit flush against a wall or bookcase.The UniQuarium is a complete, ready-to-use system, featuring a 3-in-1 filtration system perfect for fresh or salt water fish, and a high-flow powerhead. All mechanics are submerged so the operate silently, without distracting hoses. Additional slots are provided for optional heaters and venturi skimmers. Just add water. (AAT043-3)
  • Self-contained filtration system is completely concealed
  • 3-in-1 chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration system
  • High-capacity system features dual-return for better circulation
  • Additional slots provided for heaters and venturi skimmers
  • Filters are completely submerged for peaceful, quiet operation
Dimensions20L x 10W x 14H in.
Size12 Gallons

Desktop 12 Gallon Uniquarium-Flat-Back Hexagon Aquarium Set

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