Charge 12 volt batteries easily with the Diehard Battery Charger, 10/2 Amp. This powerful, money-saving device makes it easy to charge batteries for reuse, for everything from lawnmowers to motorcycles. It has two charging modes; a 10-amp fast charge mode and a 2-amp trickle charge mode. The 10 amp battery charger fast charge will charge most batteries between 3-5 hours; the 2-amp trickle charge will charge a smaller battery in 2-12 hours. The tool is fabricated using solid-state circuitry with silicon diodes. It has a rugged, durable metal case made from tough polypropylene materials, for solid, lasting protection, with a top mounted carry handle for effortless portability. The 12 volt battery charger sports a simple, intuitive interface with LEDs that indicate when the charging process is completed. It also has a rugged metal case made with tough polypropylene; the case has a top-mounted handle for easy carrying.

  • Fully automatic/manual operation
  • Charges 12-volt batteries
  • Charges lawnmowers, motorcycles and small cars

Diehard 10/2 Amp Battery Charger

Die Hard

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