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Official worldwide release of the debut full-length album by Taiwanese Melodic Death Metal band. After EP and mini-album, masters of Eastern Melodic Death Metal returns with their first LP! Released in 2013 for Taiwan and Japan only, this album is, just like the title, full of the sounds of flames and dawns. Combined with incredible solo technique, the album is filled up with the aura and conceptions of Melodic Death Metal. The violent riffing of guitarist Chris-J, grief licks from guitarist Sui and Melodic Death scream from vocalist Kurenai is prove again the music style of Diesear. After years eliminating and refining, Diesear gradually raise popularity at home and abroad. Repeatedly they were invited as guests to participate in the Asian shows and tours of foreign bands. With the latest album, Ashes Of The Dawn, Diesear has gradually began to receive praise and attention from foreign fans, and become the highest representative Melodic Death Metal band in Taiwan. This album is definitely one of the best Melodic Death Metal records of last few years! Diesear represent Taiwan to shot out to world and this album will be a landmark for young Melodic Death Metal bands!! Worldwide edition features bonus track.
  • Diesear - Ashes of the Dawn [CD]
Publication Date20151211
Publisher ImprintMusic Video Dist.***

Ashes of the Dawn


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