Whatever, however, whenever, wherever, were the only words Mark Lionel Pinder was accustomed to hearing from women. He lived his life exactly as he wanted, answering to no one, and if someone got hurt along the way--hey, not his problem. He did any and every thing he wished, without fear of consequences. The world, after all, was his for the taking--he had the cash, the ladies, the lifestyle, and the perfect job to help him do it: as a croupier on beautiful Paradise Island in The Bahamas. The man was a scholar, moving from woman to woman, aiming to perfect the art of seduction--until the night he bedded the daughter of a millionaire with suspect political ties, and found himself caught up in the drama of overwhelming proportions.
Desperate to slide out of a nasty situation, he is forced to make drastic alterations in his way of living. He finds himself off his game in more ways than one, and becomes captivated by the strikingly beautiful Jesse Sands. She more than tempts him to change his playboy ways. She's sweet, erotic and an exotic beauty. The only problem is, she's already married.
Trapped in a lifetime commitment to a tyrant more than three times her age, Jesse is miserable. Abused, misused, neglected, she falls prey to this ladies' man when she is at her most vulnerable, eventually doing the unthinkable: falling in love. Settling down is nowhere on Lionel's agenda, and Jesse finds herself in a dangerous game she's unequipped to play.
She, born of lies, and he, ruled by lustful passion, their stories expose the pitfalls of entrapment, the scourge of betrayals, generations of scandal, the flip side of sexual indiscretion...and
  • ISBN13: 9781412069458
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2006
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00279
Publication DateJanuary 10, 2006
Primary CategoryFiction/Action & Adventure

Dirty Secrets

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