"Discrete Event Physics" introduces a new branch of Physics concerned with elucidating the meaning of concepts traditionally studied in that discipline. It is complementary to Mathematical and Experimental Physics, being focused on the same ideas but having different specific goals.

The theory has a fundamentally dynamic nature based on structured discrete events. Events are defined and interrelated using a formal language developed for such purposes.

This volume extends the theory and discusses applications that clarify its utility in overcoming imperfections in traditional approaches to the treatment of Physics problems: the general inadequacy of the operational paradigm for property definition the long standing problem of probability definition confusion arising from indiscriminate use of the term "wave" the definition of meaning, knowledge and understanding in science the definitions of energy and entropy the solution of the paradox of Einstein, Podolski and Rosen the solution of non-locality problems in double slit interference experiments"

  • Genre: Science
  • Pages: 156
  • Author: William Delaney
  • ISBN: 1462065015
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication DateMarch 2, 2012
Primary CategoryScience/Physics - Mathematical & Computational

Discrete Event Physics: Volume II

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