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Two years have passed since elite police officer Damien Tomasso (Cyril Raffaelli) teamed up with reformed vigilante Leito (David Belle) to save the notorious District 13, a racially charged ghetto populated by violent drug dealing gangs and vicious killers. Despite government promises to maintain order, the state of the district has deteriorated and is causing civil unrest. A group of corrupt cops and elected officials begin conspiring to cash in on the district's redevelopment. Damian and Leito must join forces again, using their mastery of martial arts and their unique physical skills, to bring peace to the neighborhood by any means necessary; otherwise, a proposed nuclear air-strike will wipe the district off the map. With bone crunching fights and death defying leaps, this adrenaline charged sequel takes the groundbreaking parkour action from DISTRICT B13 to thrilling new heights.
  • ISBN13: 0876964002868
  • Publisher: Magnolia Pict Hm Ent
  • Pubilcation Year: 2014
  • Format: DVD-Video
  • Pages:
MPAA RatingR
GenreForeign Video - French
Dimensions7.8 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

District B13: Ultimatum

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