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"Sylvia offers a blueprint for success out of crisis. Her journey is profound and her message heartwarming and uplifting."

--Brian Wright, Brian Wright Consulting

"A wonderful reminder to proactively and thoughtfully manage our personal and business reputations."

--Linda Hollembaek, Vice President, Global Services Operations, Lexmark International, Inc.

A book about career and personal "do-overs"

In 2008 I lost everything: my career, my health, and my peace of mind. I was the CEO of a multi-million dollar organization when, in less than twelve months I was forced into retirement, suffered a shattered femur and several weeks later, a pulmonary embolism. My professional "fall" was chronicled on the front pages of local and regional newspapers--the details stored permanently on the Internet. The "coconuts" of a 24-hour news cycle, Google, indie bloggers, and zealot reporters is something every business person in a leadership role may face at some point in their career. This book is about how to avoid that moment or be prepared for it, and how to recover "if and when" it happens. Dodging Coconuts: How to Survive the Storm and Rebuild Your Life examines my process through this "coconut storm." I believe sharing my story will help others learn from my mistakes and live better, more balanced lives

What You Will Learn:

  • The real story of a former CEO of a multi-million dollar organization that became the focus of intense media scrutiny
  • How to handle the "flying coconuts" when they come
  • How to prepare and fight back
  • The critical elements of true leadership
  • The art of overcoming

Who Should Read This Book?

  • Professionals who have suffered reputational disasters and need inspiration
  • Young professionals in mid-level management
  • Leaders who are responsible for decisions on behalf of their community
  • Non-profit and NGO leaders who want to learn how to avoid media and PR missteps
  • Baby boomers who want to reinvent and revitalize the "third act" of their lives
    Publication DateJuly 7, 2016
    Primary CategoryBiography & Autobiography/Business

    Dodging Coconuts: How to Survive the Storm and Rebuild Your Life

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