The Dollken-Woodtape SpecLine program offers a proven palette of colors, woodgrains and designer patterns commonly used in the woodworking industry. The program has been updated adopting the latest laminate and melamine trends. Woodcore (WC) is a patented technology in some of the 3mm woodgrain patterns. The grain pattern is accentuated in the milled radius and the picture frame effects are eliminated. Look for the WC after the woodgrain name, i.s. Hardrock Maple (WC) ET4125.
  • Non-glued with primer for machine application.
  • Size: 15/16" x 3mm x 328 ft. long.
  • Color: Black.
    • Specifications
      ColorAs Shown

      Doellken Et2416 3Mm 3Mm Auto Pvc - Black


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