Let's face it your dog's disobedient behavior can be embarrassing. When you can't control your pooch most people believe you probably can't control much else in your life either. The Hot Spot Training Collar for Dogs gives you the peace of mind in knowing that when you say sit or deliver any other command your dog responds immediately and does exactly as you say every time. Connecting the Device Connect the Transmitter with the Collar Receiver: 1. Turn on the Transmitter and choose 1 or 2 channels to encode 2. Lift the Reset part of the rubber cover in the Collar Receiver 3. Use a toothpick or paper click to insert into the Reset HOLE inside the Collar Receiver 4. Press the "Y" button on the Transmitter immediately while you are hearing a beep from the collar 5. The Collar Receiver will beep, it means that the Transmitter has encoded with the collar Note: If the collar suddenly stop working please follow these steps before returning: 1) Hold down the reset button on the collar until you hear a beep then let go and press the "Y" button on the remote and you will hear another beep. 2) This reset should cause the collar to work properly again 4 Correction Modes: Beep or Tone Mode Vibration Mode Static Shock Mode Light Mode Contents Inside Package Include the Following: 1 Collar and Receiver 1 LCD Remote 2 Sets of Prongs Small And Large 1 Charger 1 Light Bulb Test Tube 1 Instruction Manual Adjustable Collar: The dog collar is made out of high quality comfortable nylon and it is size adjustable to fit breeds of nearly all sizes; so you can use the bark collar for small dogs and large dogs. Can fit Dogs from 15 Pounds and Up. Rechargeable Receiver & Remote With Waterproof Functions:Both Receiver and Remote are fully rechargeable so no more fumbling for batteries.About the waterproof The collar can be worn in light drizzles but must be removed before bathing or swimming

    Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable Remote Controlled Dog Shock Collar W/100 Levels of Vibration & Static Shock for Small Medium and Large Dogs

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