By adding a donation to your order, you’ll enable this nonprofit organization to purchase diapers and other select basic essentials to distribute to families in need. Our Cuties Economy Plus Packs provide high-quality diapers at a sustainable price advantage, so anything you can give will go a very long way. SBH's mission: Kindness through service--delivered with care, compassion, and a commitment to excellence--to those among us who are struggling and suffering. To be constantly concerned and involved in efforts to improve and maintain the health and well-being of individuals and families--helping them to lead productive and independent lives. To reaffirm that the dignity, worth, and abilities of each individual must be cherished, and developed to their fullest potential, thereby contributing to the whole community. To be a pillar and beam of hope to the unfortunate and disadvantaged--proving that much is possible in an impossible world. We have a food and essentials pantry that distributes food and household products to over 450 families each week.
Non-returnable:We can’t take this item back, but please reach out if you aren't satisfied.
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  • Tax Deductions: This organization can provide tax receipts. To request a receipt for your donation, forward your order confirmation email to

Donation to SBH Community Services Network


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