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By adding a donation to your order, you’ll enable this nonprofit organization to purchase diapers to distribute to families in need. Our Cuties Economy Plus Packs provide high-quality diapers at a sustainable price advantage, so anything you can give will go a very long way. Each year, thousands of new parents across Minnesota struggle to bring their baby home from the hospital with even the most basic supplies such as a safe place to sleep, diapers, wet wipes, clothing, receiving blankets and other essential items. Founded in 2009, Second Stork is a Minnesota non-profit that fulfills this real, immediate need by providing those critical care items free of charge with no strings attached. Second Stork is not religious nor political in its mission or operations. Second Stork also works in ways to always respect the dignity of people in need, including giving them the same baby items that others in society have for their babies, making the supplies subtle so as not to stand out that they needed charity, and by not making them fill out applications to receive a few critical supplies. The fast and expert judgement of experienced medical professionals and hospital staff is better than any application. They are on the front lines and know the questions to ask, the diversity of situations, and the need to act quickly. We started 2015 serving 18 Twin Cities hospitals and ended the year at 43 hospitals across the state. In 2015, we provided over 1200 families with diapers and gave away over 200 life-saving portable playards to parents with no other approved safe sleep options for their newborn. As of mid-2016, we now serve over 60 Minnesota hospitals and continue to grow!
Non-returnable:We can’t take this item back, but please reach out if you aren't satisfied.
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