By adding a donation to your order, you’ll enable this nonprofit organization to purchase diapers to distribute to families in need. Our Cuties Economy Plus Packs provide high-quality diapers at a sustainable price advantage, so anything you can give will go a very long way. Youth Adolescents Coming Together, Y.A.C.T. is a 501(c)(3), grass-root organization that began building a few years back, with a vision to assist youth and adolescents with exploring outside of their respective communities. Y.A.C.T teaches survival skills that will allow participants the opportunity to have fun while acquiring skills that help with building self esteem as well as personal development. The overall mission is to assist communities that are struggling with progression because of lack of funding.
Non-returnable:We can’t take this item back, but please reach out if you aren't satisfied.
  • EIN: 814150672
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  • Tax Deductions: This organization can provide tax receipts. To request a receipt for your donation, forward your order confirmation email to

Donation to Youth Adolescents Coming Together Y.A.C.T. $50


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