• An ecologically friendly byproduct of the coconut industry.
  • Coconut husks that used to be burned or discarded are now being turned into one of the worlds finest organic growing mediums.
  • Coconut Coir is a completely renewable resource and a much needed alternative to bog dredged peat moss.
  • Peat bogs are valuable habitats that support endangered wildlife and are disappearing at an astonishing rate worldwide.
  • The coconut husk processing industry also supports the economies and peoples of SriLanka and India in addition to helping them recover from the devastating effects of the recent tsunami.
  • An excellent addition to potting mixes for starting seeds or for potting plants.
  • Holds up to ten times its weight in water and does not repel water like peat moss
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      Down To Earth 27001 1-3 Cubic Feet Coconut Coir Fiber Potting Medium (Pack of 24)

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