Our Pure & Clear filters use a "selective filtration" process rather than a mechanical one for a couple of very important reasons. This advanced technology helps remove harmful contaminants such as THMs and lead, but retains beneficial minerals including potassium and calcium. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily present in your water.
he exclusive five stage dual cartridge system removes contaminants based on their level of prevalence, eliminating the most competitive compounds first, such as chlorine and sediment, and allowing the latter stages to focus on the more difficult task of removing lead and synthetic chemicals.
The patented dual filter system uses a combination of carbon filtration, ion-exchange and sub-micron filtration to produce great tasting, healthier water.
Unit does not come with replacement cartridge. Requires Countertop Filter Replacement Cartridge (CFR2000).
The first, "A" cartridge filters out the largest contaminants down to 5 microns in size. This includes particulate matter (turbidity) and chlorine. Getting the larger, concentrated substances out of the way allows the second, "B" cartridge to go to work on the more difficult, toxic contaminants.
Lead is reduced by a complex ion-exchange process that replaces harmful lead ions with healthy potassium ions.
erbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents and other synthetic chemicals are removed through absorption.
hlorine byproducts and chlorine resistant organisms, such as THMs, and cysts like Giardia Cryptosporidium are physically filtered by the 0.5-micron absolute filter.

  • Mercola-Branded Countertop Water Filter
  • PC CWF2000 UPC: 813006012195
  • Comparable to Aquasana AQ-4000W
ColorWhite or cream in color

Dr. Mercola Pure and Clear Countertop Water Filter PC CWF2000

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