The Dutton-Laindon Swivel Mount Tongue Boat Jack Handle can get your equipment going smoothly. With a padded grip, you can get a firm and comfortable hold for turning when you need to. The trailer jack handle instantly swings from lifting to towing position for a fast getaway. It has a 1/2" spring loaded latch pin releases. This feature locks the jack in the vertical or horizontal position for your convenience. It is a durable option that you can enjoy using. The lifting jack handle is specially designed for those with a 2" outer tube and a date code after 4296 (week 42 of 1996). It is quality constructed and can be used as a replacement for your other grip, giving you a long-term usability. It is simple to install as well so you can get your boat back together quickly.

  • Instantly swings from lifting position to towing position
  • 1/2" spring loaded latch pin releases and locks
Dimensions10 x 1.5 x 10 inches

Dutton-Laindon 22446 Swing-Away Swivel Mount Tongue Jacks

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