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The book is an "end time" revelation written under the anointing and influence of the Holy Spirit of God. It is a book written as an evangelistic tool, a teaching tool, and a book written to heal and to save lost souls for God, before the 7 year tribulation. God wants all the people of the earth to know Him, and that He will return soon. "DWELL IN GOD" offers very spiritual and practical ways in which to exist in God daily, while living in the earth realm. It offers all persons very simplistic avenues of devotion to our God. It offers a new life in God, which pleases Him, and which obeys His Laws. It offers the poor, and the poor in spirit ways to increase in God. It offers the saved, and the unsaved, divinely creative ways to walk in the earth, while waiting for our God to return, before the 7 year tribulation. It offers clarification and understanding of God's Words (The Bible) and His Ways. The book shows one how to receive God into one's life. It shares that one should repent. It shares the sinner's prayer, and ways in which to serve God, while having an on-going relationship with Him. It teaches that He is the only Way - Truth and Life, and how to receive Him as one's Savior and Redeemer. The book includes definitive works of "end time" revelation in word, verse and songs, which will appeal to the masses. These Holy Spirit inspired songs appear in conjunction with various chapters. They are divinely, vocally arranged, and musically diverse to evoke different emotions which cause one to reflect on one's spirituality and life in God. Both written word and music doubly impact the reader, catapulting one into their next level in God. Since the book is written through the inspirationand hand of God, it will heal someone's spirit. The synergy of language, mixed with musical lyrics, evokes a dynamic and powerful explosion of God's anointing. Be open to what God has in store for you, through DWELL IN GOD!
  • ISBN13: 9781441503763
  • Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
  • Pubilcation Year: 2009
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00184
Publication DateApril 15, 2009
Primary CategoryReligion/Christian Life - General
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