Einstein ET-802A
2 Big Dog Remote Trainer
Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty
The E-Collar Technologies Einstein ET-802A is a 2 big dog remote trainer which allows to have complete control over how much dog is being stimulated. This unit is used for the control of two dogs and comes with two collars black and red. It utilizes blunt stimulation for superior results for low level stimulation work. It had a 1320 yards of range and features a 1-100 stimulation scale that can use to give a light warning. The lock and set greatly reduces the chances of over stimulation by allowing the user to lock in a desired stimulation level.
The unique control of stimulation technology provides very clean and consistent stimulation. Stimulation button sends momentary or continuous stimulation to the collar receiver. The transmitter is equipped with four control buttons, LCD display, and an adjustable dial. Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries are used.
Einstein ET-802A Features:
  • Big Dog Remote Trainer
  • For Dogs 20 pounds & up
  • Range up to 1320 Yards
  • 100 levels w/ Lock & Set
  • Blunt Stimulation
  • Education Tone Button
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Plus 25 Stimulation Booster
  • Remote Tracking Light
  • Ergonomic & Floating Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver Light for Night Tracking
  • Night Blue LCD Display
  • Durable Biothane™ Collar Strap
  • Low Battery Indicators
    - On Both Units
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

  • The Einstein Remote Education Collar includes a collar receiver light for night tracking. The high intensity night tracking light is good for finding your dog after dark. If turned on
  • the high intensity LED will be flashing every 2 seconds. It can also be used as a spotlight for walking in the dark with your dog. The Lock and Set Stimulation Feature is a patented proprietary feature that provides the user the ability to lock the stimulation level into a specific user determined level. It is engaged by simply pushing down the stimulation control dial until it locks. This feature helps prevent over-stimulation caused by accidental movement of the stimulation knob betw
  • set the desired stimulation level and then push down on the top of the stimulation dial until the ??1D?? lights up on the top portion of the LCD display. If the stimulation level doesn??t change when you rotate the stimulation knob
  • you have successfully locked the stimulation level of Dog 1. Flip the toggle switch to the " position and repeat the previous step. The ??2D?? light on the bottom portion of the LCD display will light up when you have successfully locked the stimulation level for Dog 2. To unlock the stimulation level simply press the stimulation knob again and it will unlock the stimulation level of the dog specified by the toggle switch. Features: • Ergonomic and stylish desi
Dimensions11.4 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches

"E-Collar Technologies Einstein ET-802A 2 Big Dog Remote Trainer"


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