344308is a high quality regulator/rectifier that replaces the OEM part on various Honda TRX400 models. It has been developed with the newest power circuits inside and thanks to its better heat sink capacity it is far superior to the OEM regulator it replaces. Our use of these modern control circuits offers a stable output power across the RPM range making for a battery that is always fully charged and ready to go.
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  • Fits on handlebar: Universal
  • Model number: ESR590How does the re-designed Rectifier increase horsepower?
  • We built an extra sensor and switch in the unit. When the battery is near fully charged, the sensor instructs the switch to control the Magneto Rotor to run without cutting the magnet field. The rotor then runs lighter and saves the power to the engine. The engine gains more horsepower to drive your ATV faster!
  • ElectroSport offers a large range of stators and regulator/rectifiers for Street Bikes, Dirt Bikes and ATVs. Each item is covered with a full ONE year warranty.
ModelSpeed Regulators
Dimensions7.5 x 4.9 x 1.8 inches



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