Erlandson Titanium Clutch Spring. Designed For Extended Life In Demanding Applications. 40% Lighter. Resists Fading Due To High Heat. Most Durable Material Available Today For Clutch Springs. Polaris All. Primary. 2 1/2 " Load, 30 Lbs. 2 1/4" Load, 54 Lbs. 1 1/4" Load, 140 Lbs.
  • EPITDR4ERLANDSON TITANIUM CLUTCH SPRING. ÿ Designed for extended life in demanding applications. ÿ 40% lighter. ÿ Resists fading due to high heat. ÿ Most durable material available today for clutch springs. ÿ Polaris All. ÿ Pri
  • TDR4

EPI Primary Drive Clutch Spring - Titanium TDR4

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