Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter; Bagged Packaging; -6 AN Male To -6 AN Female; 1/8 in. Female NPT Hex; SPECIFICATIONS: Adapter AN Size (A): 6AN Male Adapter AN Size (B): 6AN Female Adapter NPT Size (C): 0.125 in. NPT Female Adapter Type: Gauge Adapter Tee Color: Blue Finish: Anodized Blue Material: 2024 Aluminum FEATURES: Accommodates Popular Sizes In-Line Adapter For Direct Mounted Gauge For Remote Mounted Gauge The ideal way to install a fuel pressure gauge is with an Earl's pressure gauge adapter. Our selection includes sizes to accommodate all popular fuel line sizes. Earl's Performance Products was founded by Earl Fouts in 1955 in Lawndale, California. Starting out as a small Army Navy Hardware Surplus Store serving the hot rod and racing communities of Southern California. The mission was to supply high-quality military aircraft specification surplus plumbing components directly to the racing industry from a small retail outlet. As the military surplus market dried up, Earl recognized the need for continuity of supply to the racing market and pioneered the Earl's range of hoses and fittings that are still used (and copied) today. In doing so he created the racing aftermarket A.N. plumbing industry. Earl's developed and patented the self-indexing adjustable hose end in 1973, known as the "Swivel Seal". It allows 360 degree adjustment after installation making plumbing a snap. Earl's has invented most of the special purpose racing adapters, and was the first to introduce flexible Stainless Steel PTFE lined hoses to the racing industry in the 1960s long before today's modern fuels forced many hose companies into obsoleting their hoses in search of a better solution. Earl's racing heritage is second to none and is also the most replicated but never duplicated A.N. plumbing in the world. All of today's plumbing companies continue to follow Earls lead and steal from its engineering designs. Often replicated but ne
  • Accommodates Popular Sizes,In-Line Adapter,For Direct Mounted Gauge,For Remote Mounted Gauge,Limited 90 Day Warranty
  • 100199ERL
  • Earl's Performance
Dimensions4 x 3 x 1 inches

Earls Plumbing 100199ERL Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter

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