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The Early November have returned with their highly anticipated new full-length album, 'Imbue.' The band reunited back in 2012 and released their first album in six years. While that release revitalized the band in the eyes and ears of both critics and fans alike, they haven't sounded truly 'back' until their latest effort. 'Imbue' is a total return to form. The Early November is back at the top of their game, uniquely blending indie and alternative rock, the same formula that's helped them sell over 450,000 total albums (3 releases have all sold over 100,000 copies each). When the band reunited it wasn't a money grab to 'cash-in' on the reunion fad. It was five friends who missed writing music and touring the world together. Finally, after three years of getting acclimated, The Early November are back and razor focused. It is impossible for a band to become a legacy overnight. While several bands may have immediate major label success with corporate radio, MTV, or teen magazine spreads, they don't have careers and they fade almost faster than they arrive. From front to back, 'Imbue' is The Early November effortlessly doing what they do best. The people spoke and demanded a new album, and the band has responded with their best and strongest body of work to date.
  • Genre: Popular Music
  • Product Type: Compact Disc
  • Release Date: 12-MAY-2015
  • Returns Accepted?: Yes
Publication Date20150512
Publisher ImprintAlternative Distribution Alliance


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