Temperature-controlled cable runs straight along pipe and valves, held in place by application tape and plugs into grounded electrical outlet. For odd lengths of pipe over 3/4-inch in diameter, we recommend two separate cables on opposite sides of the pipe with up to 3-feet of overrun at center of pipe run. Metal pipe requires 1/2-inch fiberglass insulation around cable. For plastic pipe, its recommended wrapping pipe with aluminum foil before cable installation. The traditional resistance cable produces a fixed amount of heat based on the electrical line feed. It comes with a built-in thermostat that switches the flow of electricity on and off based on temperature. Highlights:- 120Volt Easy Heat pipe heating cable installs quickly and easily to keep water flowing Includes grounded plug, built in thermostat, and instructions Each cable consists of tough PVC inner insulation, a continuous ground braid, and weather-resistant PVC outer jacket AHB units are activated and de-activated by an integral energy-saving thermostat
  • Freeze protection for water supply pipes
  • Fixed resistance
  • Pre-terminated length of 80 ft
  • UL listed to Canadian safety standards and CSA certified when used in accordance with instructions on water-filled metal or plastic pipes
  • Activated and de-activated by an integral energy saving thermostat
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions11.7 x 16.2 x 11.3 inches

Easy Heat AHB-180 Water Pipe Heating Cable 80 Feet

Easy Heat

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