How does it work?
The Cat Retreat fence has special line posts that feature a unique curved top to prevent your cats from climbing over the fence, keeping them safe and secure in their designated play area!
Made of 7' tall durable polypropylene invisible fence mesh, our Cat Retreat fence will not obstruct your view like traditional wood fencing and is easily expandable to enclose the largest of backyards.
Each DIY Cat Fence System includes:
  • 7' x 50' Roll of Cat Fencing
  • 4 Heavy Duty Line Posts with Arch Extenders
  • 2' x 50' Metal Chew Proof Rodent Guard
  • 50 Self Locking Ties
  • 3 Gate Closing Hooks
  • 15 Ground Stakes
  • Ground Sleeves
  • Drive Cap
  • Earth Auger
    Quick & Simple Set-Up Installs in as little as 2 hours!!
    Step One:
    Measure and mark your four corners of the area you wish to enclose. At the four corners drill a pilot hole with the included pilot auger. Next, using a hammer and drive cap pound the ground sleeves into the prepared holes.
    Step Two:
    Assemble your 4 posts by sliding the pieces together and securing with the self-tapping screws. Slide the finished posts into ground sleeves.
    Step Three:
    Gradually roll out the fence mesh and attach to the posts with self locking ties as you go. Keep fencing as taught as possible for best results.
    Step Four:
    Roll out and attach rodent barrier to fencing with self locking ties, making sure half of the barrier is overlapping onto the ground.
    Step Five:
    Using a hammer, secure the rodent barrier to the by driving a ground stake approximately every 3 feet.
    Step Six:
    Let your cats enjoy themselves safely and securely in their new easy pet fence.
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 38.9
  • Height: 10.5
  • Width: 15
    • Specifications
      ColorAs Shown
      Product TypeGardening Tools

      Easy Pet Fence EF4001 Cat Fence 50 ft Kit - 7 ft H

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