The graceful metalwork and handcrafted styling bring old-world charm and modern functionality to your home. SparkWorks Elevated Cat Feeding Station encourages a healthy eating posture, improves digestion and minimize stress and strain on joints for your cat. Your cat will be treated to a real fine dining experience. •Stoneware bowls with a slightly curved side/bottom profile makes it easy for your cat to finish the last bits of food. •The high quality glazed stoneware bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe/FDA-Approved. •Stoneware is known for water absorption resistant and bacteria safe. •The added inner step around the top rim of the stoneware bowls effectively prevents water spillage. No more worries about constantly wiping splattered water, even for a messy drinker. SparkWorks Elevated Cat Feeding Station brings style to your home, and your cats will look even elegant and adorable when dining upscale.
  • This classic and stylish elevated bowl stand is made of heavy-duty wrought iron with a natural antique bronze powder coat finish, making it sturdy and water resistant. It will never warp, crack, and will look great for years to come.
  • Each stoneware bowl is now 2.5” deep, making it the perfect depth for your cat to eat every last morsel of food. Each bowl is handcrafted, nonporous, and finished with a premium glaze that is of the same material as many popular dinner plates. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them a healthier option for your cat.
  • The SparkWorks Elevated Cat Feeding Station is the optimal height for healthy eating posture for your cat, helping to improve digestion and minimize stress and strain on their joints. It’s sleek design and modern flair make it the perfect compliment to your home décor and easy to find a spot for in the house.
  • The durable materials of the stand and the stoneware bowls make the stand resistant to water absorption and bacteria. The open-wrought iron design makes it easy to clean the entire surface of the stand, so there are no hidden spots where dirt, grime, and germs can linger. The stoneware bowls are easily removed and dishwasher safe, providing a completely clean solution for keeping your cats healthy and your home clean.
  • SparkWorks Elevated Cat Feeding Station is an elegant solution to a common problem that provides the function and health needs to keep your cat well fed and happy! Stand Info:15" x 10" x 5" ; Bowl Info: 7.25" diameter, 2.5" high. 30 fluid ounces per bowl.

Elevated Cat Feeding Station 2 Microwave/Dishwasher Safe Glazed Stoneware Bowls

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