In less than 50 years, a blink of the eye in the history of mankind, Elmwood Park transformed itself from prairie to prosperity. Fertile lands once home to Native Americans sprouted a development unlike any that had ever been seen in the Chicago area. The Westwood subdivision, started by John Mills just before the start of the Great Depression, resulted in the construction of over 1,500 brick bungalows in two years. A second postwar boom coincided with the Italian American migration from the old Chicago neighborhoods. The next 50 years would see continued growth and change. When people think of Elmwood Park, images of food often accompany those thoughts. Envisioning a barbecue pork sandwich or a combo, juicy, sweet and large ice, no-lid brings back memories of standing in long lines, cash in hand, among people of all races united in the desire to satisfy their appetites."
  • ISBN13: 9781467111201
  • Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (SC)
  • Pubilcation Year: 2014
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00127
SeriesImages of America (Arcadia Publishing)
Publication DateJanuary 27, 2014
Primary CategoryHistory/United States - State & Local - Midwest

Elmwood Park

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