High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Emperor Suzong of Tang (; February 21, 711-May 16, 762; r. 756 - 762), personal name Li Heng ( ), ne Li Sisheng ( ), known as Li Jun ( ) from 725 to 736, known as Li Yu ( ) from 736 to 738, known briefly as Li Shao ( ) in 738, was an emperor of the Tang Dynasty and the son of Emperor Xuanzong. Suzong ascended the throne after his father fled to Sichuan during the An Shi Rebellion in 756; Li Heng himself had fled in the opposite direction, to Lingwu, where he was declared emperor by the army. Much of Emperor Suzong's reign was spent in quelling the aforementioned rebellion, which was ultimately put down in 763 during the reign of his son Emperor Daizong.
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Emperor Suzong of Tang

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