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Empowered Relationships explores romantic relationships from the energetic-spiritual perspective. The main focus is on what are called the four major wounds: rejection, control, fear, and separation. Through guidance as well as original meditations and practical exercises, Empowered Relationships brings awareness to these wounds and shows the reader how to transform and transcend them, in the process finding the true source of love, trust, union, and freedom. Ultimately, these wounds are our teachers, and when we understand their messages, we can have fuller, more conscious, empowered relationships. Empowered Relationships is born out of a depth of experience, study, teaching, and growth by its author, Maria Jesus, a labor of love and an act of walking one's true path toward healing.

"An empowered relationship is not a goal but a state of BEING, of becoming PRESENT for yourself, your partner and the world...An empowered relationship is created by empowered individuals. To be empowered means that you are in complete acceptance of who you are."

    Publication DateJanuary 16, 2017
    Primary CategoryBody/Healing - General

    Empowered Relationships: An Introduction to Romantic Relationships

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