Generic Electrolux Style C 4Ply vacuum bags Quantity Per Package: 20 Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags Fits Models: all Metal canister models EXCEPT Model XXX, Renaissance, Epic 8000, Guardian, and Lux 9000 models.
  • Fits: Electrolux Models L,E G, Super J, Golden J, Silverado, Diamond Jubilee, Grand Marquise, ultralux, Epic, Special Edition, Lux Legacy, Diplomat, LE, Amassador, Plus Vacuum Cleaners
  • 12 Electrolux Allergy Micro filtration Canister Tank Style C Vacuum Bags
  • Fits original manufacture part numbers: All Canisters/Tanks made since 1952
  • Micro Filtration Allergy Bags, a must for Allergy sufferers! 99.7 % Filteration
  • EnviroCare Premium aftermarket Part # 805

EnviroCare Vacuum Bags for Electrolux Canister - Style C - Generic (Bag of 12)

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