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Halloween 'The most famous un-signed band in the world'...A never ending testament of persistance, endurance and tenacity. What once was...still is and forever will be... With the release of Horror Fire, (their 5th official offering),and the brand new EP E.vil P.ieces 6/6/6, Detroit's Halloween, continues their legacy as one of metal's premiere, underground acts. Screaming from the speakers, come tales of temptation, torment and mystery, years of pent up energy and life changing experiances, as the macbre' imagery overloads your visual senses and plays tricks and treats on your mind. Twisting and turning through the maze of subject matter that is horror... Loud, proud and unconditional this band rocks to it's own set of rules. Rock, Metal, New Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Speed Metal, Gothic, Classic, Old School, Hair Band, whatever you need to call them, just make sure you call them Halloween...and call on them often...Influenced by the obvious as well as the obscure, it's easy to generalize and assume the origins and intent of this now 5 piece metallic machine. (But you know where, that will get you...) Looks like... horror, sounds like...Halloween. A dark and ominus / intense stage show that has grown to epic proportions over the years. A show that started from simple beginnings (just decorations on the wall), now world famous and still highly sought after, along with a collection of metal masterpieces that have stood the test of time and number in the hundreds. Every day to us is Halloween and it could be for you too...Once you begin, you will be haunted for life...Are you afraid? We dare you... to join us!
  • Evil Pieces

E.vil P.ieces


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