Connect to the natural world with the Exhart 40206 Large WindyWings Blue Jay Wind Chime. This wind chime features a beautiful Jay in vibrant colors. Its lacquer coating keeps the bird glossy and shining. The attractive chime comes with a patented springed wing design that gives whimsical motion to the Jay. You can hang this beautiful wind chime in your balcony or the garden. Full of life, the chime provides soothing sound and is a must-have for any home. (EXHT001-1)
  • Special lacquer coating provides a high gloss shine
  • Adds whimsical motion using a patented springed wing design
  • Comes ready to hang in your garden
  • Overall dimensions: 10L x 12W x 26H in.
Dimensions10L x 12W x 26H in., 9 x 8 x 3 inches
Weight2 lbs.

Exhart WindyWings Blue Jay Wind Chime


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