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Can miracles really happen?

Can Faith really guide our lives?

Is there a Higher Power?

Can we really walk in the peace of Christ
regardless of our life circumstances?

Yes, to all of the above. All you need to do is be open and accepting.

Learn about the faith barometer and how to increase your faith.

Can you live by the "Ten" principal virtues
the Blessed Mother lived by?

Mary A. Johnson is a licensed counselor and board certified in anger management. She went to work for the University of Texas and hold additional certifications in domestic violence counseling and grief counseling. She has several successful published books. One of her books is used as a learning tool in the public school system throughout Texas.

Mary is active in her church and has served as Director of Religious Education for the youth. She currently assists in marriage preparation counseling.

Mary is the seventh girl in her family and truly believe that she has a special connection with Christ. Her mother told her that the number seven is "God's" number.

    Publication Date20170712

    Extraordinary Miracles in an Ordinary Life..

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