Want to work on your powerlifting but don't have time to go to the gym? Check out our portable, easy to use powerlifting bands. Our powerlifting bands can be used in virtually every power lifting exercise both with and without weights.Why Bands?Similar to
  • Resistance Levels from 40-80 lbs (18-36 kg). Completely Customizable to Your Needs
  • Great for Assisted Pull Ups, Weight Lifting, Pilates, Yoga, and Stretching
  • 41" Loop Rubber band, more versatile and durable that your average tube band
  • Not sure which band is for you? Check out the description for help
Size41" x 1/4" x various
Color#4 Purple - 40-80 Lbs (18-36 kg)

Functional Fitness 41 inch Continuous Loop Powerlifting Band

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#4 Purple - 40-80 Lbs (18-36 kg)

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