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LS-X (30Hz) NTSC 320 x 240 Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera - Black
LS-X is a rugged, compact thermal night vision camera that lets you see other vessels, landmarks, buoys, and floating debris in total darkness.
Now with a high resolution LCD display and FLIR's latest generation thermal sensor technology, Ocean Scout makes your time on the water safer and more relaxing.
  • Enhanced Awareness - See marine traffic and navigation aids at night
  • Quickly scan your surroundings for other vessels
  • Easily recognise buoys in river channels or open water
  • Detect key landmarks like islands or docks

  • Steer Clear - Boat with confidence day or night
    • Avoid obstacles, such as rocks, floating logs, and other debris
    • Be aware of kayakers, personal watercraft, and small boats without lights
    • Detect marine mammals above the water surface

    • Stay Safe - A lifesaving tool for a "man overboard" emergency
      • Locate the body heat of anyone in the water
      • Quickly identify overboard people and pets
      • InstAlert™ mode highlights the hottest objects in red
  • LS-X (336x256) 19mm, NTSC 60Hz (Export Controlled)
  • LS-X 19mm, NTSC 60Hz Thermal Handheld Camera
  • SUPERIOR VISION - High resolution thermal vision with e-zoom and InstAlert High resolution display with ergonomic eyepiece
  • Sharp thermal imaging with InsAlert hot object notifications
  • Up to 8X magnification
Dimensions10 x 9 x 3 inches


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