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Murder, money, power and a reconstructed public policy would dictate who would live and who would die as the nation's new health care policy takes effect. Using the White House, the legislature and the medical establishment, Agent Cuda's deliberate and covert actions would place the medical research community at a standstill as he attempts to protect the United States from the impending medical services sustainability crisis. Ripped from today's political headlines, the government's proficiency at deception and trickery give the thought of death panels, political trade off's, and the true intent of government run programs a whole new meaning. Secret Service Agent Edward Cuda was more than a government employee. He was a mastermind at manipulating the political system and he had direct access to the power of the Oval Office. His direction was to eliminate government over spending and waste, even if it meant the loss of American lives in order to balance the bottom line. Agent Cuda would need to insure the President would deliver a national health care solution that would allow the American people to die of their respective diseases rather than clinging to an unproductive life through costly long-term treatments. Health Care reform would be his platform But Dr. Garrison Keller has a compelling secret. While vacationing in Brazil, Dr. Keller experiences a spiritual moment when he visits "Christ the Redeemer." After years of successful contribution to the American way of life, he was questioning his station in life. What would be his legacy? Then, at the base of the statue, Dr. Keller stumbles upon the improbable patient who would give him the opportunity to prove his medical research theories correct. Disobeying established testing protocol, Dr. Keller delivers his cancer cure regimen and saves Rigo Ayala's life. Be assured, the government didn't want society to know about Dr. Keller's discovery of the cure. What price must Dr. Keller pay to perpetuate his discovery? Where must he conceal the secret treatment protocol that he alone possessed? Would the government, even governments that are governed by the people and for the people like here in America, be trusted to be life's timekeeper? In the government's ultimate arrogance, did they intentionally deliver "health care reform" and not "health care improvement"? Failure to Cure is a roller coaster suspense thriller you won't want to put down. Conspiracy, adventure, intrigue, and courage intermingle in this novel of what happens when one man lives as he believes, consequences be damned.
  • ISBN13: 9780615437248
  • Publisher: Vanderblumen Publications
  • Pubilcation Year: 2011
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00298
Publication DateJanuary 28, 2011
Primary CategoryFiction/Political
Publisher ImprintVanderblumen Publications

Failure to Cure: A Health Care Conspiracy

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