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Did Glory fall for the right man, or was it all a lie? Music teacher Glory has given up on men, with good reason. Then she meets the handsome lead guitar player in the band she has just joined. Alex, body builder and construction foreman, is determinedly single because he's given up on women. But that's before he meets the keyboard player who just joined his brother's rock band. Suddenly his interest is revived and he goes on a crusade to gain Glory's attention. But when Alex disappears and the police claim they have a confession giving damning evidence against him, Glory has to make a decision. Can she trust the man she's fallen for, or has she been fooled into believing a lie?
    Publication DateJuly 2, 2017
    Primary CategoryFiction/Romance - Suspense
    Publisher ImprintGreat Western Publishing

    False Confession: Did Glory Fall for the Wrong Man, or Is Someone Lying?

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