I would like to present: Craig Karolus with the album Family Values. Truly a set of great works. Relaxing and pleasing in all respects. Craig has done an exquisite job in putting together pieces that describe all aspects of the family. Each piece represents the family entity or unique individual. You can sense this in every song. Immediately I was able to see nuances in the music that most definitely paints a picture one of personalities. Listen ever so carefully, you can see each individual and feel their presence. The orchestration of each piece was excellent and the compositions spoke volumes. This is a must have for those who would really love to "drift away" from the cares of the world. My Life with Charlotte tugged ever so slightly on this tired old mans heart strings. I would call this album: chamber music for the soul. Thanks for the great experience Craig. Brian Our Place Radio
  • Craig Karolus - Family Values [CD]
Publication Date20120522
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Family Values

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