This Fidget Spinner is an excellent play toy for your party or everyday. Bring out that creative genius within you by increasing your concentration. This Hand spinner is made of metal and plastic and measures 2.95" x 2.95" x 0.28". This package includes 1 Fidget Spinner spinner.
  • QUALITY - Each fidget spinner measures approximately 3 inches across and .3 inches high. Molded plastic is colorful and durable. Replaceable center bearing is high quality steel for low friction and long spin times. Outer weights are perfectly balanced to reduce wobble and ensure smooth operation. Center cap is concave to provde a comfortable grip.
  • BENEFITS - Using the fidget spinner can help to relieve stress, tension and axiety, or just for having fun! It can have positive effects for those with ADD, ADHD, and attention or sensory disorders. Substitute for bad habits like smoking, biting nails, or other nervous habits. Use it to stir creativity, or sharpen concentration and focus.
  • PORTABLE - The compact size allows you to take this fidget spinner anywhere. At home, school, work, the bus, airplanes, or waiting in lines; the small footprint and quiet operation allow discrete spinning anytime. Fits in backpacks, purses and pockets.
  • VERSATILE - Great teaching aid for classroom learning. Help boost student focus and engage creative thinking. Makes a great gift for birthday parties, Christmas, graduations, or hand out as a party favor. Teach complex physics concepts like angular momentum, conservation of energy, or the gyroscopic effect.
  • GLOW IN THE DARK - Phosphorescent material glows bright in the dark. "Charge" the lighting effect by holding the spinner close to a bright light source. Glows for minutes after exposure. For longer glow times, prime with a UV flashlight.

Fidget Spinner Prime Spin Glow in the Dark Pink Color Toy Hand Spinner Steel Bearing Stress and Anxiety Relief

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