Traditional woodburning fires are everything that FireCrystals aren't - messy, difficult, and old-fashioned. A FireCrystals fire leaps upwards like magic from a bed of glass rocks, burning cleanly and reliably on command. With a unique range of specially shaped stainless steel burners and a huge array of beautiful FireCrystals to cover them, this system is used to create futuristic fires and nouveau elegance on patios everywhere. (FCY025-5)
  • Medium-chunk lava rock for gas fire pits
  • Replace wood and artificial logs with a natural solution
  • Will not melt, degrade, lose color, or emit anything
  • Free of sharp edges - easy to handle safely
  • Use in a vented, solid gas-burning fire pit or fireplace
Size60 lbs.

FireCrystals Crushed 5/16 in. Fire Lava Rocks

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60 lbs.

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