Narrow Slits The 326 slits in the distributor basket measure .008-.010 inches wide, allowing you to eliminate the need for gravel beds in fine mesh resin softeners. Universal Bottom Distributor Basket The bottom distributor basket will work with any softener, backwashing or upflow filter, including iron filters, carbon filters, sediment filters, pH filters, and more! Fine Mesh Smaller slits allow you to use it with fine mesh softening resin WITHOUT the need of a gravel bed High Flow Smaller slits still allow for up to 110 GPM flow with a maximum 15 psi pressure drop 32mm Distributor basket fits 32mm distributor tubes commonly used on Fleck 7000 series valves Genuine Fleck Part Genuine Fleck part #40924

    Fleck 32mm High Flow Bottom Distributor Basket (40924)


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